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The best perfumes for Christmas | Sali Hughes

By Sali Hughes

Gorgeous scents don’t just come in bottles – try gel, body oil or hair mist for an alternative gift

Let’s suppose, entirely hypothetically of course, that you haven’t yet chosen a gift for your sister, mother, partner or spouse. I know, the very idea. But you might be tempted, if you were that person, to hurriedly settle for the first designer perfume that doesn’t make you heave. Put the bottle down. You can be more creative with scent. Jo Loves’ Fragrance Paintbrushes (£40, 18ml) appeal to my inner stationery nerd. The scented gel is simply and satisfyingly painted on the skin, dries almost instantly and makes itself known for a good four hours. Green Orange & Coriander is my favourite, and manages to be suitably festive while remaining eminently wearable come summer, while Pomelo (grapefruity) has more universal appeal.

Tom Ford has steeped his musky, wearable Soleil Neige fragrance (think hot skin in cold weather) and tiny shimmering platinum flecks in a softening but light body oil (£72, 100ml). The effect is glowy and sexy on limbs and clavicles, and the scent lingers for far longer than I’d expected. For those with skin that reacts badly to a direct dab of scent (surprisingly common), Gucci’s Bloom Hair Mist For Her (£38, 30ml) imparts the same scent as the original, much-adored white flower bouquet, without drying hair.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/dec/14/best-perfumes-for-christmas-gel-body-oil-hair-mist-sali-hughes