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Slightly Alabama Branches Out Into Apparel With Cockpit Collab

Like it or not, Dana Glaeser is now a retailer.
On Tuesday night, the founder of the Slightly Alabama artisan leather goods brand celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of his retail store at 350 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.
The location was initially part of the Love, Bleecker program conceived by Brookfield Property Group last year to help revitalize the street. The real estate developer acquired seven retail spaces and negotiated with several brands to open stores there as a way to position the street as a place to once again find art, commerce and culture.
Slightly Alabama was one of them, taking over a 2,200-square-foot space and filling it with not only its own upscale leather products, but also a selection of similarly minded men’s brands including Cockpit, Freenote Cloth, Krammer & Stoudt and more.
The success of the concept prompted Glaeser to relocate his workshop from Brooklyn and set up shop at the back of the store permanently, even though he has now transitioned to a more-traditional rent structure with Brookfield as his landlord.
During the year anniversary event, Glaeser also showcased his first apparel collaboration, a leather motorcycle vest co-branded with Cockpit. A country gentleman’s jacket is in the works

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