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Ludovic de Saint Sernin Men’s Spring 2020

There were cock rings, leather briefs, bare torsos and just-visible butt cracks.
“He basically makes clothes to have sex in,” whispered a guest at the Ludovic de Saint Sernin spring 2020 show, held on the upper level of the Centre Pompidou museum with a panoramic view of the Parisian skyline that no one was paying any attention to.
The focus was very much on de Saint Sernin’s racy silhouettes, which managed to be both sexually charged and somewhat poetic.
Models opened the show wearing see-through organza suits that were stuck to their drenched skin, clinging onto every curve. They were followed by delicate knits with front and back “sweat patterns” made of different layers of fine merino wool; a polo shirt with a teardrop opening over the model’s left nipple and a Swarovski crystal-covered pair of flares, worn with nothing else.
“I told you it was going to be hot and humid,” laughed the designer backstage, adding that models were sprayed with water before hitting the runway, some with additional Swarovski crystals stuck to their bare skin to simulate beads of moisture. “The idea is that you don’t know if they have just come out of the water or they are sweating. It’s wet

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/mens-spring-collections-2020/paris/ludovic-de-saint-sernin/review/