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Laura Conwell-O’Brien of the Atlanta Shoe Market on Working Women Having Faith in Their Talents and Abilities

Every day in June, FN is showcasing female leaders across the industry for our Women in Power series.
For decades, Laura Conwell-O’Brien’s job as the executive director of the Atlanta Shoe Market has been a juggling act, serving the needs of designers, vendors and retailers in the competitive shoe industry. However, one of her biggest challenges has been making her voice heard as she came up against a male-dominated board of directors in steering the organization in new directions.
However, Conwell-O’Brien did not give up on her initiatives, and by consequence, has helped pave the way for the next generation of women in the business community.
Here, she discusses the challenges female leaders face when eyeing the executive suite, and how she’s managed to navigate the stumbling blocks in her career path.
What is the most significant barrier to female leadership in the fashion and footwear industries?
“Women in the fashion industry are hitting a mid-career wall. It’s not that women are any less ambitious than men; on the contrary, they’re more likely than men to aspire to be a top executive. Once a woman reaches a position such as VP, she’s eager to continue her career.“
What will be the biggest challenge for the generation

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