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Eric Lawrence Debuts Odessa 1919

Eric Lawrence is a name to watch. The Dallas native, who gained notoriety for his Anger fashion project, has unveiled his second fashion venture, Odessa 1919. The brand launches with a silver detailed update of the Nike Air Force I sneaker, which retails for $650 and is available for preorder starting today on the Odessa 1919 web site.
“I have a fascination of how opposites/dualities work together to create something new,” said Lawrence, who explained that Odessa represents the industrial Texas city where he grew up, while 1919 references the year German art school Staatliches Bauhaus was founded. “Both inspirations work together. The shoe is an example of this idea of duality — how two opposites come together to create something new.”
The idea came naturally to the young designer, who is based in New York City. “One day, I was putting silver tips on a pair of cowboy boots and I was seeing what it would look like on a sneaker. I grew up in Texas where kids went to school wearing cowboy boots. Before this, I was doing different projects under my name, but I knew at some point I wanted to start my passion project.”
Lawrence first grew interested in

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