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Ametti Reimagines the Golden Age of Travel

Ametti, an ambitious Italian-made brand of handbags, accessories and luggage, combines the fast-fashion learnings of its cofounders, Massimo Dutti alumnae Tessa Horovitz and Jessie Minikes, with a luxury mind-set, elevated materials and thoughtful design.
With its distinctive visual vocabulary and utilitarian qualities, Ametti’s handbags are designed to become heirlooms, while technology-enabled luggage has been engineered to corner the market on feminine traveling cases, which the cofounders believe doesn’t exist.
Ametti is expected to do $1.5 million in its first year, Horovitz said, adding, “It has a lovely lifeline ahead of it.” Powering the growth will be the principles of Inditex, Massimo Dutti’s parent, including “strategy, replenishment, distribution, constant distribution and a total offer.”
Horovitz and Minikes aren’t proposing a return to the days when air travel was chic and those who traveled on planes dressed stylishly. The whole exercise of flying has devolved from polished looks and matching Louis Vuitton luggage, to sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers and backpacks. Ametti’s cofounders believe there’s something to be said for polished and matchy-matchy.
As Massimo Dutti’s creative director for casual, Minikes traveled constantly and was struck by the disconnect between designer handbags and masculine luggage. “We were slapped with gender roles in the Fifties,” she said, “for

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