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BH Mafia’s It Bag is Plastic and Fantastic

LOS ANGELES — Call it PVC perfection and the BH Mafia’s got it.
The young lifestyle brand’s gaining a following with its plastic creations, most notably a PVC tote bag with metal hardware closure in two sizes, flying under the banner of the “Fantastik Plastik” collection in myriad colors. Now, its founder wants to expand into PVC apparel.
“I was traveling a bit more and I was going to a lot of tropical locations, and what I was seeing were all these women going to the Four Seasons and resorts, but they were not bringing their designer bags with them,” said Ethan Campbell, the brand’s founder. “I had the idea of creating a piece that was a classic silhouette and that would be well-known in the market.”
The name, a label for what Campbell calls his friend and follower base, he originally hoped to have on a custom license plate. It was the perfect seven letters. The California Department of Motor Vehicles didn’t think so and rejected the application.
Although BH Mafia’s followers have largely filtered to the brand through the bags — it’s number-one seller — the line also includes decor, such as silk pillows and framed art. The general idea is to

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