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The best vegan perfumes | Sali Hughes

By Sali Hughes

Think sin-free scents are low on luxury? Think again

Cruelty-free perfumes contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not sold in China, where the law requires cosmetics to be tested on animals. Whether or not you eat meat and dairy, I hope you’ll read on, because to assume vegan fragrances are low on luxury, craftsmanship and sophistication would be to miss out on some extremely fine scents.

I’m not an instinctive lover of warm, rounded perfumes, and so generally give amber a swerve, but 001 Amber (2; £65 for 100ml), from the independent British brand Laboratory Perfumes, has me hooked. Like all five of its fragrances, this is gender neutral, but skews ever so slightly masculine. It is woody, spicy and modern, but not showy. And it has a brightness that stops all that warmth becoming sticky. Atlas, by the same brand and also £65 for 100ml, smells like gingernut biscuits lining a boozy trifle, and should please anyone who likes a gourmand, puddingy scent.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/may/04/the-best-vegan-perfumes-sali-hughes