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WWD List: Lingerie Brands Sporting Swimwear

Shoppers are hot for swimwear right now.
And it’s not just because summer is coming. Or, because lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret recently started selling swimsuits again. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, swimwear has become a year-round business.
Sales in the global swimwear category totaled $21.7 billion last year, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.
And more lingerie brands are now trying to get a piece of that market, invading swimwear with their own collections of bikinis and one-piece bathing suits.
The transition might seem natural for the two categories that share many characteristics.
But Cora Harrington, founder of the blog The Lingerie Addict, said it would be easier for companies to sell swimwear than lingerie.
“It’s hard to convince people that they should be spending more than $25 or $30 on a bra,” said Harrington, author of “In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear and Love Lingerie.” “There doesn’t seem to be that same challenge when it comes to swimwear. People are more willing to spend $50 or $100, or even $200 on a swimsuit.”
She added that in the U.S. it’s also hard to tempt shoppers to drop large amounts of cash on something they can’t see, while swimsuits are

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