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This Is What’s Really Going on Inside Your Shoes — Details You Never Knew on the Anatomy

Ever wonder what’s behind all those official-looking tags hanging on your boots and shoes? They tell the story of the anatomy and components that go into your footwear, from waterproofing to insulation and cushioning technologies.
Among the leaders in today’s construction arena are Vibram, Gore-Tex, Ortholite, and Primaloft, often found in the athletic, outdoor and work footwear markets. While these branded technologies can add to the cost of the shoe, manufacturers and consumers are often willing to pay the price due to the reliability and performance features they offer.
“As a brand ourselves, we clearly believe there is a concrete benefit in branded goods,” said Soyla Breen, senior director, footwear merchandising for work & outdoor for Ariat International, about the use of branded componentry. “A brand cares about its reputation, and there is therefore a sense of accountability that drives excellence.”
While there are lots of quality generic components used in footwear today, branded component makers will often invest more in research and development, thus driving up the cost of their products. However, spending a bit more up front can mean extending the life and performance of the shoes you buy.
At Danish brand Ecco, Felix Zahn, product director for Ecco Americas, which uses

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