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Summer Beckons With Helen Owen x Aqua at Bloomingdale’s

Looking for the next influencer to collaborate on its Aqua collection, Bloomingdale’s tapped Helen Owen, whose Instagram account has 1.5 million followers, for her love of travel and comfort.
Owen’s blog showcases her enviable life with posts about trips to Malta; Tulum in Mexico; Bora Bora, and the Maldives, where her wardrobe invariably consists of midriff-baring tops and low-slung pants, off-the-shoulder cropped tops, shorts and bathing suits — lots of bathing suits.
“I’m a traveling creative still seeking an appropriate job title,” Owen said, adding that she’s most commonly referred to as an influencer, but sees herself as somewhere between an influencer, model, blogger and designer.
Designer is a word that’s been resonating with Owen. Her Helen Owen x Aqua collection will be available at Bloomingdale’s stores nationwide on Friday. The collection includes everything for a beach getaway to an appearance at Coachella, where Owen will be on Friday, “promoting the collection hard core.”
“I can’t just wear shorts and a T-shirt,” Owen said. “I like feeling a little more polished. I went to Bloomingdale’s with a mood board of what I wanted and their mood board was very similar.”
A white eyelet cropped top, lemon-print minidress, striped bustier and matching pants, and red skirt

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