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Stephen Petronio Is Retracing His Steps

Stephen Petronio has been thinking about his heritage. There’s the history of the America he’s lived — he was born in the Fifties and grew up in a conservative Italian American family in Newark, N.J. — as well as the history of choreographers for whom he has danced and studied. All of those influences are present in “Bloodlines,” a series he started five years ago, on the 30th anniversary of his dance company, to pay homage to the lineage of postmodern dance.
“‘Bloodlines’ is really an autobiographical curation of what’s influenced me and what I find exciting,” says Petronio from the apartment he rented near to the company’s rehearsal space in Harlem; he spends the rest of his time in the Hudson Valley with his husband. “It’s like going back to reexamine my own roots and what was happening in the dance world when I was just opening my eyes.”
He saw the iconic postmodern choreographers of his generation starting to fade away — Merce Cunningham had died in 2009, and Trisha Brown’s health was on the decline; she passed in 2017 — and Petronio wanted to keep the language of the past, and give it a present tense.
“When they both left

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