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Moore From L.A.: How Hollywood Can Lead Fashion’s Diversity Push

“I, Spike Lee Of Sound Mind And Body Will No Longer Wear Prada Or Gucci Until They Hire Some Black Designers To Be In Da Room When It Happens. It’s Obvious To Da Peoples That They Don’t Have A Clue When It Comes To Racist, Blackface Hateful Imagery.”
When the “BlacKkKlansman” director posted this to his Instagram account on Feb. 8 during the heat of the Gucci, Prada and Burberry blackface and noose imagery scandals, it was a warning shot to fashion brands that the Hollywood talent they count on to be their most visible ambassadors might no longer be willing to fulfill that role — and in the thick of the high-stakes red-carpet season, too.
“Hollywood is at the front line of all these cultural discussions, and suddenly no one was going to wear these clothes again if something wasn’t done, and fast,” one p.r. told me of the panic that ensued internally at brands, adding that months of work, including custom gowns, were scrapped when talent decided to shun the offending labels for the remainder of the season.

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I,Spike Lee Of Sound Mind And Body Will No Longer Wear Prada Or Gucci

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