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Lydia Fenet Wrote Her New Book in Under Three Months

For about three months, Lydia Fenet came home from her job as managing director and global director of strategic partnerships at Christie’s and, no matter how tired she was from the workday, plunked down inside her bedroom to write her book, “The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You.” She set a strict regimen with a precise goal: She had to write a certain number of words, and she would not leave the room until she’d finished. According to her husband Chris Delaney, this was how she finished in time for her April 9 release date.
“She had her own little space, and she would get away from me — probably very smartly so — and get in a space where she could concentrate and figure out what she wanted to say,” Delaney explained on Tuesday night, speaking from the cocktail and dinner party hosted by Christie’s and Kering celebrating Fenet’s new book. “I was probably watching TV in the other room.”
For Fenet, the process was, at times, emotional. To write the book, she had to recount memories from her childhood that sculpted her into the person and working woman she is today.
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