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Fashion Illustrator Richard Haines to Debut Show That Encapsulates His Still-budding Career

IT ALL LINES UP: Fashion illustrator Richard Haines is gearing up for the April 18 opening of his show at the Daniel Cooney gallery.
About 20 or so pieces will be displayed in the gallery, including the work of Antonio Lopez; Christian Bérard; Paul Cadmus, an artist from the Thirties and Forties who was known simply as “Eric,” and other illustrators who influenced Haines. That combination led to the exhibition’s name, “The History of Beauty,” which is really telling a bigger story about fashion and illustration. The end result is not only what it means to Haines, but what it was, and what it is, he said. “I moved to New York in the Seventies, thinking I was hoping to be an illustrator. It was really just a dying field so I spent most of my career designing clothes. Then I started a blog of illustration 10 years ago and it just took off. With social media, there is so much more image with everything that illustration is really relevant again,” Haines said. “If I said to someone 10 years ago, ‘I want to become a fashion illustrator,’ they would have said, ‘That’s insane. There’s no work.”’
Busy non-stop, Haines had a

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