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Estée Laundry: the Instagram collective holding the beauty industry to account

By Lisa Niven-Phillips

From copycat behaviour and cultural appropriation to a lack of diversity and unsubstantiated product claims, the beauty industry has its critics. And Estée Laundry is leading this ‘call-out’ culture

A few weeks ago, Rihanna’s cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty launched a face highlighter in a rosy pink shade bafflingly called Geisha Chic.

Criticism over the cultural insensitivity of the name was reassuringly swift – most notably on social media – and within a week, the brand had apologised on Instagram, and pulled the product “until it can be renamed”.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/apr/10/estee-laundry-the-instagram-collective-holding-the-beauty-industry-to-account