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STREET SIGNS: Is Berlin the ‘Truest’ Streetwear Capital?

BERLIN — If succeeding in fashion involves being true to your DNA, should Berlin reposition itself as a capital of streetwear?
A good number of industry denizens certainly think it should.
“The truest streetwear in the world is in Berlin,” said designer Kostas Murkudis, a stalwart of the scene here who started his career working for Helmut Lang. For Murkudis, Berlin’s style is all about the intersection of music, art, architecture and nightlife, rather than trends. And he is not the only one who feels this way.
“I think what makes [Berlin style] so charming is that there’s not one specific style, people don’t dress to impress — so it does feel very real compared to other street style around the world,” agreed David Fischer, the founder of Highsnobiety, the streetwear-obsessed media platform with offices in Berlin and New York.
Berlin street style “is unique in how people mix styles and labels here,” added Simeon Dimitrov, who along with business partner Nikolai Goutzov, owns Superconscious, a Berlin boutique specializing in hard-to-find streetwear from South Korea and Scandinavia, among others. “People will buy Balenciaga shoes here, but they’ll wear them with second-hand items, whereas in Tokyo or Paris they’ll wear it with Vetements.”
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