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How Jonah Hill is ramping skate style up for the summer

By Lauren Cochrane

With its hoodies, battered sneakers and graphic tees, the actor-director’s new film Mid90s is an ode to one of fashion’s raddest looks

About halfway through Mid90s, Jonah Hill’s film about Los Angeles skate culture in 1995, the group of five teenage boys at the centre of the plot head to a house party. On the bus on the way there, it’s pure adolescent activity: pills are popped, the desire for a car is discussed. Once at their destination, we find a perfectly pitched parents-aren’t-home house with a pine-panelled kitchen and frilled floral curtains: it’s the backdrop for questionable mixed drinks and packets of Cheetos. We meet a group of girls, and youthful hijinx ensues, including weed smoking, beer chugging and some eyebrow-raising underage sex. So far, so rites-of-passage indie movie.

Put the plot aside for a moment, though, and focus on the clothes. From the XXXXXXL trousers worn by the boys, to the cropped vests and dungarees on the girls, this is a madeleine of sartorial nostalgia for many who were teenagers in 1995, recreating a time Stüssy, Etnies and Airwalk were names whispered with reverence. Alternatively, it’s a happily received source of inspiration for twentysomethings deep diving into the style of a decade they are too young to remember. Either way, this is essential viewing for pointers on what summer 2019 style looks like.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/apr/09/how-jonah-hill-is-ramping-skate-style-up-for-the-summer