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At Home With Kom I, the Björk of Japan

She is a pop idol for misfits. Kom I, the lead singer of Wednesday Campanella, is considered the Björk of Japan: her delicate voice, genre-defying music and avant-garde fashion sense exude the same eclecticism for which the Scandinavian singer is known.
On a recent Saturday night, the 26-year-old Kanagawa native is lounging at home in Tokyo with her pet snake — under the weather from a raucous time the evening before. In her shared apartment, she reclines on her bed — little more than a Western mattress on the floor — taking sips of air to abate her nausea.
A self-proclaimed “chameleon,” Kom I’s popularity among young Japanese people comes at a key time — her music services a generation whose disenchantment with life, government and finances matches that of Millennials in the U.S. These jaded youths consider her a ringleader, guiding their escape from mass culture and limitless consumption.

Kom I’s pet snake named Hebi, which means “snake” in Japanese, inside her Tokyo flat.
Misty White Sidell/WWD

“I’m an outsider. It’s much easier to express yourself in the U.S. than in Japan, people react naturally there — when you feel something weird you can say it’s weird and react. People in Tokyo are more

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