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The joy of short shorts: 'Nothing screams liberation like a breeze on your thigh'

By Joe Stone

Why it’s time to get your knees out

Who wears short shorts? For anyone with half an eye on this season’s catwalks, a more pertinent question would be: who doesn’t? They have dominated the spring/summer 2019 shows, making appearances at Prada, Fendi, Missoni, Off-White and Jacquemus. Sales are also up, with matchesfashion.com reporting a 43% rise year on year.

I am not suggesting that anyone jump on a trend just because designers have told them to: that way madness (and looking like Lewis Hamilton) lies. But I can attest to the unbridled joy of skipping out the door in a pair of tiny shorts.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/apr/05/menswear-joy-of-short-shorts-breeze-on-thigh-joe-stone