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Mass Class: V&A Spotlights Mary Quant’s Democratic Fashion in New Show

LONDON — With fast fashion under fire for clogging closets and landfills, retailers collapsing up and down the high street and “less-is-more” becoming an industry incantation, the Victoria and Albert Museum is reexamining the work of designer Mary Quant, who was all about marketing, selling and dressing the masses from the tips of their berets to their shrunken hemlines, right down to their go-go boots.
It’s been nearly 50 years since the V&A’s last Mary Quant show, and the retrospective that opens Saturday and runs until Feb. 16, 2020, underlines how much consumer society has evolved, and the extent to which Quant laid the groundwork for fast fashion, lifestyle branding and even streetwear trends. Mod queen Quant was about so much more than the miniskirt.
Not only did the designer embrace mass manufacturing and easy-care synthetic fabrics such as PVC, Crimplene, acrylic wool and acetate, she thought far beyond clothing, developing a license-heavy lifestyle brand that came complete with lingerie, tights, footwear, accessories, costume jewelry, color cosmetics, interior designs and a Daisy toy doll range meant to rival Barbie. After the lean and dreary war, and postwar, years when everyone had to “Make Do and Mend,” and with food rationing having dragged

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