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Under Armour Introducing Rush Collection of Performance Apparel

Under Armour’s latest product introduction is called Rush, which is in some ways ironic since it took two years to develop and perfect.
The apparel collection for men and women uses a mineral-infused fabric created by Celliant that is intended to enhance the ability to train and compete by recycling the body’s energy during performance. Rush also created the fabric for Under Armour’s recovery and sleepwear products that were introduced over the last two years. In 2017, Under Armour, in partnership with Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, one of the brand’s sponsored athletes, introduced Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. The next year, it released the Athlete Recover collection designed in collaboration with Celliant.
While those collections are intended for athletes to wear immediately after an intense workout and while sleeping, Rush is designed to be worn while working out.
The way it works is that minerals found naturally in the earth are extracted and broken down into active particles, which are then melded together to form a proprietary blend. That blend is then infused into the fibers that are used to create the Rush collection of T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, leggings, tights and a sports bra.
This scientifically engineered fabric is said to promote improved performance

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