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Every Rose as It’s Worn

The rose, one of nature’s great paradoxes — exquisite in its physical beauty and fragrance, whether hearty and bold or apparently delicate, yet dangerous and ever ready to draw blood.
That dichotomy has made roses a source of fascination throughout history. Countless cultures and religions have celebrated the glorious bloom, spinning tales around its creation and imbuing it with all kinds of meaning, the most constant, as a symbol of passion, love, eternity. Yet the rose has always had a rueful side to which creatives have long been drawn — painters, poets, playwrights and more drawn to its mystery, moodiness and in-full-view decay. Among those variously smitten: Yeats, Tennessee Williams, Robert Mapplethorpe and Mike Fleiss — the genius who created “The Bachelor.”
Fashion, too, has long romanced the rose. While that thought of rose-bedecked clothes might, at first, conjure images of sartorial schmaltz, the reality is in fact as varied as the flower types itself with designers, like other artistic types, often focusing on the bloom’s moodier incarnations. Such was the case with fall, a season in which roses bloomed everywhere, including on the runways of some of fashion’s most provocative and powerful creators. Miuccia Prada, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, Antonio Marras and

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