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David Burtka Pens First Cookbook, ‘Life Is a Party’

David Burtka likes to party. He particularly likes and has a special knack for hosting parties, which involve his favorite things: family, friends and food.
“I love to cook. I love to take care of people, and I’m very maternal and I also love making people happy with food and filling their bellies,” says Burtka, who is releasing his first cookbook and party guide this month, “Life Is a Party,” with Grand Central Publishing. “I mean, the whole world with cooking and this world of me being a chef was sort of a mistake,” he adds.
He never set out to become a chef. Burtka started his career as an actor on Broadway — and met his eventual husband, Neil Patrick Harris, through the New York acting scene — before landing in Los Angeles. After his mother passed away from Leukemia almost a decade ago, Burtka wanted a change. So he went to culinary school.
“I thought this was just going to be a skill that I’d have, to cook for my family in the future. But after graduating culinary school, these really crazy things started happening for me,” says Burtka, who now lives in New York with Harris and their two children.

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