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Betsey Johnson Prepares for Open-Heart Surgery

MOVES LIKE JAGGER: After hearing that Mick Jagger had gone public about his upcoming heart surgery, Betsey Johnson decided to do the same.
Johnson will undergo a four- to six-hour open heart surgery in Los Angeles Thursday, followed by what is expected to be a five-day hospital stay. As a breast cancer survivor, who shared that challenge publicly, the designer said she wanted to take a similar tack with heart disease. Having modeled in several Red Dress Collection runway shows, Johnson said she can contribute more by speaking about her health and dedicating a chapter of her upcoming book to it. “To me, open heart surgery means they have to get the saw out. They can’t go through veins and arteries. For this, they have to cut me open just like my mom and dad had to have done them,” she said. “They said my aorta is the size of a 300-pound guy, but the walls are very thin. This little one-inch accordion gizmo is being thrown in and they will remove my aorta. They say it really works and my doctor has done a million of these procedures.”
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