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Sexy and Comfortable Lingerie in One

Things in the lingerie space continue to get personal.
As market leader Victoria’s Secret battles it out with smaller start-ups that promote inclusivity, shoppers are caught between a great divide: hyper-sexual or practical.
New York-based lingerie company Journelle wants to change all that.
“There’s a huge population of women in this country, myself included, who don’t fit into either of those buckets,” Sandra Rose, Journelle’s vice president of merchandising, told WWD. “You don’t have to choose A or B; there are shades of gray in between. And there are shades of gray of how you’re feeling each day. There could be a day where you do want to feel basic and plain and that night you want to turn it up.”
The company was started 12 years ago by Claire Chambers after she took a trip to Paris. It was there, in the French capital, that Chambers discovered a very different attitude toward lingerie.
“French women really embrace their femininity,” Rose explained. “We don’t have to pretend like we’re not women to be powerful.”
Indeed, women wanted supportive bras, but they also wanted beautiful pieces, even if no one else saw them.


With that notion in mind, Chambers started Journelle upon her

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