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Here’s Why Choosing the Right Technology Is Important for Selling More Shoes

At the Shoptalk event held in Las Vegas this month and the NRF Big Show in January, the underpinning themes among speakers, exhibitors and attendees centered on internal change management, consumer engagement and how to navigate the rapid convergence between online and physical stores.
With change management, the objectives are clear: break down silos and get everyone — from the C-suite to the sales associate — rowing in the same direction. But with improving customer engagement, building loyalty and offering a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, retailers and brands need to turn to technology.

It’s important to note that despite the financially based wishes of nearly every CFO, there’s no silver bullet when it comes to deploying technology. No single solution is available that can fully manage all aspects of footwear retailing. From data optimization and predictive analytics to mobile commerce and sales associate training, multiple platforms are needed to succeed. Most importantly, a strategy is needed to make it work.

But why make these investments? If footwear brands and retailers don’t up their game with the right tech and a focused strategy, another competitor will and, in the process, gobble up market share. There’s also a looming giant called Amazon, which

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