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Glad to be grey: Is it time to embrace the real me?

By Emma Beddington

Encouraged by all the catwalk and social media stars with grey hair, Emma Beddington decides to give it a try. But her ‘greynaissance’ raises more issues than she expected

I’ve gone grey overnight. It’s fake (I’ll explain later) but, even so, applying an amateurish smudge of lipstick in the station lavatories before I meet my husband, I’m anxious. There’s an element of chucking a grenade into a long-term relationship when you surprise your spouse with a physical transformation. When mine came home from a fortnight’s holiday with a straggly beard, I refused to look at him until he’d shaved.

He’s poking at his phone and doesn’t see me until I’m standing in front of him, then he looks up, recoils in surprise and laughs. “Well?” I say. He looks at me more appraisingly, but he’s smiling. “It looks good, actually. I think it suits you.” Thus begins my week of grey.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/mar/31/should-i-go-grey-emma-beddington-considers-joining-the-greynaissance