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While Critics Argue About Saweetie, the Rapper Seeks a Signature Sound

The rapper Saweetie doesn’t say much. She’ll walk into a room — her long, inky hair swaying down her back; clawlike nails clicking — and look around, taking in the environment. Then she puts her head down and keeps to herself. When she does talk, it’s only if spoken to, and she tends to keep her answers brief. She won’t offer up information on her own volition, opting instead to listen to the conversation swirling around her.
Saweetie, née Diamonte Harper, displayed this personality trait in late February, when she appeared on the New York radio station Hot 97 for an interview with hosts Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg. In a video of their interview online, they ask her to freestyle, so she does.
“I just thought the raps was basic,” Darden says to Saweetie once she’s finished, capping her bars by slamming her microphone against her chair. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if we should let her rap, because I wasn’t sure.’”
“She doesn’t really seem fazed by that,” Rosenberg says.
“She doesn’t give a f–k. She’s already got a deal and she’s hot out here.”
“I don’t even think that’s her attitude, she seemed more like she

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