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Weak Supply Chain Reporting Practices Make Room for Forced Labor Around the World, Report Says

In a newly released report by the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) and Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX), researchers have determined that weak supply chain reporting practices continue to allow exploitation and forced labor to flourish around the world.
The report, “Full Disclosure: Toward Better Modern Slavery Reporting,” is a culmination of findings and recommendations consisting of information gathered from 15 companies, 38 civil society organizations and trade unions, four investor groups and 12 national governments. Inside the report, ICAR and FLEX reveal that corporate reporting practices have improved materially over the past decade — but that more work remains to be done if businesses want to ensure they are not active participants in an environment that supports exploitation.
“The first wave of modern slavery reporting has now been reviewed and analyzed by experts. Whilst reporting has served a purpose in highlighting the long road ahead in achieving improvements for workers in supply chains, it is now time for businesses to face up to the risks of abuse and exploitation posed to workers in their supply chains,” FLEX CEO Caroline Robinson said in a statement. “This report sets out a roadmap to achieving risk-based reporting, in which companies undertake a detailed review of the

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