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These Are Foot Locker’s Biggest Plans for the Next Five Years

Foot Locker Inc. today gave shareholders a first look at its five-year plan and offered deeper insight into its recent string of investments in entrepreneurial firms such as Pensole Footwear Design Academy and Rockets of Awesome.
“All our investments revolve around creating a platform to empower and inspire our communities tied to sneakers, kids, women and creators,” Jake Jacobs, CEO of Foot Locker North America, told investors of the company’s recent decision to put millions behind GOAT, Super Heroic and other startup brands. “The relationships not only enhance new connection points but also provide invaluable data to know, engage and create inspiring product and content.”
To that end, company CMO Jed Berger today introduced a new innovation and incubation operation within Foot Locker Inc., dubbed Greenhouse.
“Tactically, Greenhouse is a development platform to build and cultivate new relationships, new initiatives, new brands and new ideas, all while looking at what they could be in the future as opposed to what they are today,” Berger said of the enterprise — the internal home for the brands Foot Locker has recently invested in. “We created Greenhouse as a separate unit that sits outside of our walls, both figuratively and literally. We did this purposefully to

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