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Rita Ora Brings to Life a Childhood Dream With New Escada Collaboration

Rita Ora sat inside a bright room with wall-to-wall windows and cream-colored couches at the Public Hotel on Wednesday. She blended in well with the surroundings. The 28-year-old singer wore a white suit, her white hair was teased back into a tall bouffant and twinkling white sparkly makeup framed her eyes. The color palette was intentional, she said.
“I wanted to let my bag do the talking,” she stated.
This was her big night — the dinner party at which she would unveil her new, bright red Escada purse, which she codesigned and is one part of her ambassadorship with the brand. Ora said she has admired fashion from afar since she was a child, and it’s ingrained in her as a form of expression to this day.
“I used to flip through tons of fashion mags,” she remarked. “Especially when I couldn’t afford anything. I would rip [pages] out and stick them up on my wall and be like, ‘one day.’ And then I’d actually go and make it, try to duplicate what I saw, with clothes from the flea markets and stuff. Sometimes I would pretend it was high-end when it wasn’t. It actually worked. My friends were like, ‘Where’s

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