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Beware the shag – why the popular style caused me years of hair trauma

By Jenny Stevens

The new haircut muse is Natasha Lyonne in the Netflix drama Russian Doll, who has a red and wild shag cut. Just make sure you go to a good hairdresser …

The shag is back. The haircut, that is, not the pastime (though given the reported global “sex recession”, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, either).

Shag hair – long layers that frame the face and tumble down the neck, a thick fringe to disappear behind – has long been a subtle marker of feminine rebellion. This is not a style that needs blowdrying, spraying, moussing or straightening. It is the predecessor to the chiselled punk cuts of the late 70s, before the pomp and fluff of an 80s perm. It is windswept, danced-in, slept on. It is Rumours-era Stevie Nicks, Anita Pallenberg in the 70s, post teen-idol Marianne Faithfull finding herself on the album Broken English.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2019/mar/27/beware-shag-style-caused-years-hair-trauma