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These Technology Companies Are Making Retailers’ Lives Easier

Technology has become an essential component of successful retail strategies. Customer relationship management for footwear retailers has particularly benefited from the influx of software platforms designed to capture and analyze consumer preferences, behavior and feedback.
But decoding what these tech companies offer retailers can be a confusing process. There are hundreds of providers to choose from, each with a unique set of capabilities and services. From empowering sales associates with customer data to providing end-to-end solutions, these companies are each assisting retailers in maximizing their retail strategies.
Making Technology Accessible
“Kibo makes it easy for nontechnical users to excel at their jobs by providing interfaces and tools designed for business users, but built with an API-first architecture that does not limit development potential,” said Ram Venkataraman, chief technology officer at Kibo. “This approach makes Kibo solutions accessible across teams while also providing low total cost of ownership.”
“We use customer information, transaction history and key statistics to provide associates with smart tasks, so they know who to reach out to and when,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “Each associate then has their own personalized storefront and can connect
with customers via email, texting, live chat and social media integrations like FB Messenger and Weibo.”


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