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The World According to Louboutin

CHICAGO — It’s morning at the Four Seasons Allium restaurant here and Christian Louboutin, the shoe designer who has made red soles world-famous, is the only guy in the place wearing a beret — and fittingly, it’s in a scarlet shade of red.
Louboutin, who lives in Paris and just finished designing his spring 2020 collection in Brazil, is winding down after a three-stop tour with Nordstrom, which wrapped up at the Michigan Avenue store last Thursday, following Nashville and Los Angeles. He had planned to stay in Chicago for the weekend, but had to fly to Italy Friday afternoon.
Despite his jet-set life — he designs the summer collection in a place that is hot, such as Brazil or Egypt, where he has a boat on the Nile, and the winter collection in a place less hot “even according to the light” — Louboutin looks quite rested.
One gets the sense this Frenchman loves meeting the women — and men — who wear his red-soled shoes.
“It was very nice. Very nice,” said Louboutin about the Nordstrom event. “People were charming. It’s always nice and always interesting to see people because they end up wanting to tell me stories.”
About 90 people attended the

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