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The Motley, Multidisciplinary Gang at The Standard East Village

The chef and creative Angela Dimayuga has many interests. Here are just some of them: nightlife culture, fermentation (she used to make Kombucha out of her apartment back in 2007), hot springs, the humanities, history. She’s sort of a history buff. So when The Standard hotel’s chief executive officer Amar Lalvani chose Dimayuga to be the creative director of food and culture for the East Village location in 2017, she dove headlong into the annals of the boutique hotel chain.
“I’m interested in the fact that it’s south of Cooper Union, that it’s just west of hardcore East Village, which has historical roots in punk and the HIV epidemic,” Dimayuga says, sitting in a wood and leather chair at Café Standard. Her hair is dyed red and slightly grown out, and she makes unwavering eye contact with whomever she’s speaking to. “[The Standard] restaurants were also always catering to nightlife. The locations in Los Angeles were 24-hour restaurants for quite some time.
“As far as what the food spaces are now, I’m being allowed to completely rewrite that.”

Angela Dimayuga
Lexie Moreland/WWD

As creative director of food and culture — a bit of a sprawling title, but one created just for her — Dimayuga

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