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Pharrell Williams on Taking Chanel Unisex, And Why Karl Lagerfeld Hated His Bed

PARIS — As he prepares to launch his capsule line with Chanel in Seoul on Thursday, Pharrell Williams spoke exclusively with WWD about his friendship with Karl Lagerfeld, and how scrawling the word Chanel on his shoes turned into a groundbreaking collaboration with the French luxury brand.
The “Happy” singer worked on the unisex outfits with the late Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director for 36 years; Virginie Viard, who has taken over as artistic director of fashion collections; Eric Pfrunder, artistic director of fashion image, and Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion.
WWD: You dropped an exclusive sneaker collaboration with Chanel in 2017, which generated a waiting list of 120,000 people for 500 pairs. When did you first discuss the possibility of expanding this into a full capsule line?
Pharrell Williams: The sneaker was the perfect storm since Chanel was taking over Colette. It was a suggestion that Karl, Bruno, Virginie and Eric embraced. The success of that one sneaker probably opened the door for the team to reach back out to me and offer me this amazing opportunity to create this capsule collection.
WWD: What can you tell me about the process of designing this collection with Karl Lagerfeld, Virginie Viard and the Chanel teams?

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