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Influence Peddler: Giselle Soto, the Eyebrow Artist Behind a Viral Meme

Anastasia Soare built her billion-dollar empire grooming the eyebrows of Los Angeles’ elite. At 23, Giselle Soto is on her way to building a buzzy client list of her own, many of whom know about her because of a viral meme.
In 2016, a meme featuring meticulously groomed eyebrows went viral among social media’s beauty communities. “Jesus did her brows…I’m shook,” it read, along with a picture of Soto’s work. The meme is a few years old — practically three lifetimes in Internet years — but it continues to bring business to Soto, who has since opened her own salon.

A screen of a viral meme featuring Giselle Soto’s work.
@ActuallyGina / Twitter

“I don’t know what it is about this picture, but it always goes viral,” Soto said. “This meme has done amazing things for me. I have a student who flew in from Africa to take a private training with me.” The student, she added, found her through the meme.
Soto, who hails from Oxford, Calif., began doing brows a few years ago after undergoing a traumatizing threading experience — “I was completely butchered,” she said. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she began tweezing her own brows, along with those of her high school friends

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