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Heron Preston Visits Nairobi With United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

Heron Preston was showing no signs of any wear-and-tear Friday, despite having just returned from a three-country journey, which included a stop in Africa.
Invited by the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, the two-night trip was a launch for its program Future Fashion Now. The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion is rooted in the urgency to better coordinate sustainable fashion efforts as they fit with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The UN flew him and a cadre of other young designers to Nairobi, where he gave a talk, explored local secondhand markets and went on a safari. The markets were packed with essentially “the effects of what happens to our stuff when we no longer want it.” Taking out his smartphone to illustrate that point, Preston reeled through photos of a room stacked to the rafters with compressed bales of secondhand clothes.
So flooded with secondhand goods, the markets have more than they can sell, Preston said. “Then that really affects the local designers and markets there. It’s harder for them to thrive because of all this stuff that we’re sending,” he said. “It’s crazy — just clothes, bras, athleticwear, jerseys. There’s a documentary

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