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10 Comfortable Women’s Sandals That Offer Support and Stability

Looking for a support system for your busy life? Look no further than your next pair of sandals.
There’s a lot more to sandals this spring than on-trend styling. The secret sauce is often hidden in the footbed, with looks that capitalize on underfoot comfort with anatomically designed insoles incorporating deep heel cups, metatarsal pads and arch supports for stability and support.
While you may not be experiencing any foot conditions just yet, wearing shoes that promote wellness can keep feet looking good and feeling good.
How can arch supports promote comfort and support? They are designed to help distribute pressure across the foot and align your body. Since not all feet are created equal, it may take an evaluation from a shoe specialist to determine what degree of arch support you require.
According to Foot.com, a source for foot health, neglecting arch issues can result in plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee problems, calluses and bunions.
Metatarsal pads are used to help support the transverse arch, the arch that runs widthwise across the forefoot located right below the ball of your foot. This is designed to help place the forefoot in a natural resting position while supporting the heads of the metatarsal bones.
A deep heel

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