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Molly Gordon, Hollywood’s New Comedic Darling

In a recent performance of “Alice by Heart,” the new musical inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” a prop wristwatch accidentally flew from the onstage actors’ hands, clocking a woman in the audience in the throat (she was fine, rest assured).
The show’s Alice, 23-year-old actress Molly Gordon, found herself a bit out of her depth as to how to proceed.
“I’m very new to doing this,” Gordon says from the lobby of Off-Broadway’s MCC Theater, home to “Alice by Heart,” in her few hours of downtime. “It’s very different than the film stuff that I’ve done. A lot of mistakes happen — and publicly — and you kind of have to learn to just not be hard on yourself and let it go.”
A bit of quick thinking is not beyond Gordon, who is primed for a breakout 2019, between her stint on the New York stage and two buzzy comedies due this summer.
She grew up in Los Angeles, the daughter of filmmakers: Her mother, Jessie Nelson, wrote the scripts of movies like “I Am Sam” and “Because I Said So” and was the writer of the Broadway adaptation of the movie “Waitress.” Her father, Bryan Gordon, has directed episodes

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