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Meet #YoliGlo, Facialist to the YouTube Beauty Set

Influencers wear a lot of makeup — and when they need to take it off, they call #YoliGlo.
Yolanda Mata, who goes by Yoli or YoliGlo (also her Instagram handle), is the go-to aesthetician for YouTubers such as James Charles, Patrick Starrr, Desi Perkins, Jeffree Star and the Dolan Twins.
Based in Los Angeles, she’s developed a host of industry clients as well, including celebrity makeup artists Mario Dedivanovic, Daniel Martin and Matthew VanLeeuwen, and hairstylist Mark Townsend — and that’s not to mention her Hollywood clientele, who she prefers not to name. But it’s remedying the skin of YouTubers, who have a specific set of skin-care needs thanks to heavy makeup and hot lights, that have elevated Mata to her own influencer status — she counts 86,500 followers on Instagram.
Mata’s method is about healing the skin, she says, and involves a lot of manual facial massage and lymphatic drainage to get her signature “YoliGlo.” Working with influencers, she’s had to employ more of a “literal deep cleaning” approach to get all that makeup off. Makeup concepts such as baking were once foreign to Mata, and the amount of product that influencers, especially YouTubers, use in a day was particularly shocking —

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