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Britain’s oldest tattooist: ‘I’ve covered around 28 acres of skin’

By Sam Wollaston

Doc Price, 86, talks about seven decades in the business – and how inking has moved from subculture to mainstream

Doc Price is 86, but he still remembers the first tattoo he ever saw. It was a blue butterfly on the back of a sailor’s hand. “I thought, how magic is that? That you can make something that is put on somebody else’s skin for ever.”

He also remembers the first one he had done. Darrell Price, as he was then, was walking down Bute Street in Cardiff, aged about 13, when he saw a sign for tattooing in the window of a cafe. Inspired by the butterfly, he went in. The tattooist was called Billy Knight (whose daughter Jessie would go on to become a leading tattoo artist – and many years later tattooed an eagle on Doc Price’s arm). That first tattoo – a common first inking that cunningly incorporates an antidote to parental disapproval – was the word Mother. Doc Price remembers his mum’s reaction: “You haven’t been ta … oh yes, that’s lovely!”

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/21/britains-oldest-tattooist-ive-covered-around-28-acres-of-skin