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5 Tips for Finding the Best Bicycle-Friendly Shoes You Can Wear Everywhere

On a visit to Denmark over a decade ago, I was surprised by the number of bikers in Copenhagen. According to tourist website Visitcopenhagen.com, in 1995 it was one of the first cities in the world to launch free city bikes for its citizens and visitors.
The biking trend is catching on in cities across the U.S., thanks to companies such as Lime, a rental service providing pedal bikes, electric scooters and electric bikers. The system offers dockless vehicles that riders can find and unlock using a mobile app. Basically, you just grab and go.
There are lots of reasons to consider bicycles as a means of transportation today. They’re cheaper than owning a car, provide a source of exercise, and help protect the environment.
Although these bikes are meant for short distance travel around the city to and from school or work, safety rules still apply, especially when it comes to wearing protective gear such as helmets and shoes that cover the feet.
While you may not need performance biking shoes that feature fastening systems, there are some guidelines to consider when selecting a pair of everyday shoes for biking around town.
Here are five tips for finding the proper everyday shoe for safe

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