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Why Amazon’s Private Label Beauty Brand Matters

Amazon has launched private-label beauty, and U.S. retailers need to be paying attention.
Amazon’s first private-label skin-care line, called Belei, has 12 stockkeeping units that hit all major trends: free-from, earth-friendly packaging and affordable price points, said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive officer at WSL Strategic Retail.
“They have ticked a lot of boxes in terms of hot trends,” she noted. And while they may not have nailed it in terms of branding — Liebmann referred to the line as “generic” and compared it to Target’s private-label efforts 15 years ago — it’s likely the hordes of shoppers that are already on Amazon will be willing to give it a go, she said.
She cautioned that for Belei to last it will need a distinct brand identity, plus the levels of in-house brand support found at places like Sephora or Boots.
“Can they do business? Of course they can, it’s Amazon,” Liebmann said. “The beauty world has become so fragmented and shoppers are so informed and smart about what’s out there, and also willing to expand their interests and try new things. If I’m Ulta, if I’m Sephora, if I’m anybody who is selling beauty as a retailer, I’d be foolish not to pay attention.”

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