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Solantu Promotes Sustainable Luxury With Home-Farmed Caiman Skins

PARIS — Grupo Insud, an Argentine powerhouse engaged in areas including life sciences, agribusiness, culture, nature and design, purchases land for the development of forestry activity in the north of Corrientes, Argentina; creates a farm to sustain the local Caiman latirostris crocodilian species, then launches a leather goods line specializing in their skins. In terms of supply chains, it doesn’t get much more local.
Swimming against the stream of the Millennial-driven vegan movement are brands like the group’s fledgling Buenos Aires-based luxury bag label, Solantu, staking out a niche in sustainable luxury with designs made from the skins in a rich color palette.

A bag by Solantu.

Purchasing a Solantu piece, the brand says, contributes to Grupo Insud’s conservation program for the animals, and supports local craftsmen and communities while engaging with the area’s eco system. Local hunters used to trading on the black market for crocodiles, for instance, can train as egg hunters and be educated in the need for sustaining crocodile populations. Over the last 12 years, Grupo Insud and its crocodile farm have successfully brought the Caiman Latirostris species back from the brink of extinction, the group said.
The animals are never isolated, despite the risk of nicks, and are

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