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Seoul Fashion Designer Adds Modern Twist to Traditional Korean Dresses

SEOUL — Few foreigners know about the hanbok.
It’s the traditional Korean wedding dress, dating as far back as the 14th century. The floor-length gowns are best known for their empire waists, fitted jackets and vibrant colors.
These days, walking through Seoul’s many palaces, visitors can catch a glimpse of women donning hanboks in pretty pastels while trying to capture the perfect photo for Instagram.
But visitors to South Korea’s sprawling capital likely won’t see a hanbok anywhere else, despite the pleasing aesthetics. Even some modern-day Korean weddings opt to go hanbok-free, as the dress becomes a relic of the past.
Korean fashion designer Hyunsook Park wants to change all that. She wants hanbok fashions to break into mainstream couture, in both Korea and abroad.
“If the hanbok is not in everyday fashion, then it will disappear,” Park told WWD. “I want to keep the hanbok alive for other generations.”
Park’s been designing hanboks since 2014. But her designs aren’t of the traditional kind. The designer often wears pieces from her collection around Seoul and said her clothing can easily be mixed and matched with more casual attire, like jeans or shorts.
“You can wear it casually; you can wear it

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