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ON STAFF: Gucci’s Marco Bizzarri Discusses Changemakers Project, Learning From Experience, Fostering Creativity

MILAN — “It’s been a period of great learning. It’s a little simplistic and easy to say ‘How could you not know?’” but it’s not as evident as it could have seemed,” Marco Bizzarri observed on Monday.
Gucci’s president and chief executive officer spoke with WWD about his company’s new global program called Changemakers that is part of its ongoing effort to foster unity through community action and opened up about the backlash the Italian luxury group experienced following accusations in February that a balaclava-style sweater evoked blackface.
Gucci Changemakers follows the company’s announcement last month of the first of four long-term initiatives to achieve cultural diversity and awareness throughout its organization and activities globally, and includes a fund for a total of $5 million over five years and a $1.5 million four-year scholarship program in North America. In addition, Gucci is fostering a global employee-volunteering framework that will fuel the company’s commitment to creating lasting social impact in communities and within the fashion industry.
“Gucci Changemakers is a project that accelerated after what happened — which caught us all by surprise — but it was announced internally last year and is part of our corporate culture initiative that we actually launched four years ago

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