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Dior Takes ‘Made to Measure’ to High-End Watches

PARIS — Luxury consumers, it would seem, are clamoring for choices, and Dior has heard the message. Taking personalization to a new level, Dior is launching an offer of made-to-measure luxury watches, a product range called Dior Grand Bal Couture, displaying choices in a leather-covered case with eight trays of bracelets, cases, dials and hands, among other parts.
Prices start at around $30,000 and can reach as much as $190,000.

Dior Grand Bal Couture watches

An interest in customization has swept through the fashion and accessories industries — across the spectrum — as brands try to get closer and more personal with consumers in order to stand out in a crowded field. Technology has also served to vastly expand choices, multiplying options at the click of a screen.
Sales staff are also equipped with a tablet to show renditions of the various combinations — how malachite looks with a yellow gold diamond-encrusted case, for example. Opal, mother-of-pearl, feathers, beetle wings and turquoise are among materials featured. It’s not quite instant gratification, as the watches take around five months to deliver.

Dior Grand Bal Opera number 8

Continuing to work couture codes into its timepieces — the watches are meant to evoke swirling ballgowns, in reference to the

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