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Coyote fur is a booming fashion trend. But is it ethical?

By Daniel McGraw in Kidron, Ohio, and Dream McClinton in New York

The pelt trade is thriving thanks to a fad for Canada Goose parkas, but animal advocates are calling for a boycott

Colton Morris, 28, knelt on the concrete floor of a warehouse in rural Ohio, carefully combing the fur on a pile of coyote pelts with a wire brush before putting them up for auction. A sunny but chilly morning greeted him and around 150 other buyers and sellers at the event in the small settlement of Kidron, about 60 miles south-west of Cleveland. There was mink, raccoon, fox and beaver fur on sale. But the biggest draw was coyotes.

The coyote fur trade is booming, largely driven in the US by the fad for Canada Goose parkas, which shows no sign of flaming out.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/18/coyote-fur-fashion-trend-ethical-questions-animal-rights